16 Simple Tips to Clean Your Kitchen, Plastic-Free

Viele tolle Ideen für den zero-waste-Haushalt ohne Plastik!

The Zero-Waste Chef

When we first went plastic-free, cleaning presented a big challenge. How would we wash our dishes without plastic bottles filled with dish soap (not to mention filled with microbeads)? Sponges, made of plastic, come wrapped in yet more plastic. And how would we dispose of wet, stinky garbage? We found pretty simple solutions for all of these dilemmas—and for many others.

Choose your equipment

cleaning gear Clockwise from top left: rags, cellulose sponges, natural bristle bottle brushes and a homemade dishcloth

1. Kitchen sponges

When plastic sponges begin to fall apart, little bits of them go down the drain. I use cellulose sponges that I buy loose at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco. When they break down, I compost them.

2. Homemade dishcloths

I knit these out of natural fibers a couple of years ago so their vivid colors have faded but they still work well. Of course, you can…

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