6 Self-Centered Reasons to Reduce Your Waste

Man kann auch aus sehr egoistischen Gründen Müll reduzieren. Wer noch nicht genug Gründe dafür hat, kann sich hier einen Motivations-Kick holen.

The Zero-Waste Chef

A zero-waste lifestyle may conjure up images like the Albrecht Dürer woodcut below, The Penitent, with plenty of self-flagellation, a diet consisting of mere bread and water (when not fasting), hair shirts, medieval dregs—basically a wretched life of perpetual self-denial (such a waste of a those abs).


When I decided to go plastic-free, I merely wanted to avoid contributing to the colossal plastic pollution problem in our oceans. I had no idea I would improve my life as a result! I think we green types need to stealthily plug the a-sustainable-lifestyle-brings-much-joy message more, maybe something along the lines of:

If for no other reason, live more sustainably for self-centered, self-indulgent reasons.

Because if you reduce your waste, you might just:

1. Lose weight

(My daughter’s going to kill me…) MK had always been a little chunky as a kid. When we went plastic-free, we stopped eating (among other things) snack food—virtually all of which is packaged…

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