5 Essentials for a Zero-Waste Shopping Kit

So ähnlich sieht auch meine Ausrüstung für den müllfreien Einkauf aus.

The Zero-Waste Chef

In order to run my zero-waste kitchen, I need to plan my shopping trips a bit. Before heading to the farmer’s market or grocery store, I take a look at the running shopping list on my phone and add a few things we might need. List in hand, I gather my zero-waste equipment. The list helps me figure out what I’ll need and while shopping, I stick closely to it.

zero waste kit Simple zero-waste shopping supplies: glass jars and bottles, metal containers, cloth shopping bag, cloth produce and bulk bags

1. Glass jars

bulk Guelph How to discourage single-use packaging

I use my glass jars at the bulk bins. Get the weight on these before you fill them up. At some stores, customer service will weigh them for you and mark the tare on them. Other stores set out scales and you weigh the jars yourself. The cashier will deduct the weight of the…

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