DIY: Sweater Slippers

Schon wieder so eine genial einfache Upcycling-Idee – mit ausführlicher Anleitung samt Erklärung, wie man am eigenen Fuß den Schnitt abnimmt im Link.

The Renegade Seamstress


Most days I wake up and when my feet hit the floor, I’m accomplishing things. Whether it’s laundry and dishes, heading to work, or creating some content for eHow, there is always something on my agenda. Most of the time, I love being busy, it’s who I am. But there are those days, like yesterday, when I force myself to stop, slow down, and breathe. I didn’t even get out of my pajamas. Gasp!

There was something very comforting about giving myself a day off and wearing these soft, handmade, sweater slippers all day long.


And no, I didn’t knit them. Knitting and I haven’t become friends yet. I made them from an old sweater a few weeks ago and I gotta say, they are so cute and comfy, I wish I could wear them everyday!



If you’d like to make a pair of upcycled sweater slippers for yourself or for…

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